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Monta is an e-commerce company that offers various logistics services to more than 1500 webshops. 

On fulfillment level we work from 14 independent e-commerce warehouses and take care of the processing and delivery of online orders, worldwide. We do this for approximately 20 years now and over time we developed smart software. This software helps us in creating the most efficient fulfilment processes. Eventually, we started selling our software to firms with own warehouses (MontaWMS). 

The success of Monta

The most important success factor of Monta is the interest in customers. We focus entirely on the wishes of the customer and offer the customer the opportunity to grow rapidly.

Next to that, Monta is strongly technology-driven: we invest heavily in IT, work together with robots and we work with software based on artificial intelligence. Still, innovation can’t be beaten by our people; we care about our employees. We value personal development within the company and give our people a lot of freedom and responsibility, which brings a high degree of commitment among our employees.

Core values

Monta's core values are enthusiastic & excellent. This is exactly how we approach everything within Monta.
  • We are energetic and work with passion 
  • We share thoughts and combine our knowledge to achieve the best.
  • We are strongly motivated to keep doing better, again and again.
  • We are ambitious and seize opportunities.



In 1999 the current owner Edwin van der Ham started with packing orders for Worldonline. Worldonline spread CDs that people used to install internet on their computer. Due to the large number of packing orders, he started his own company: Montapacking (now Monta).

Historie monta


In 2000, the popularity of the internet highly increased, which meant that much more packaging capacity was needed. Busy times! Edwin created a packaging department to be able to pack by machine as well as by hand.

Historie monta

B2B logistics

In the years that followed, companies increasingly asked for logistics services (mainly business to business). Montapacking seized this opportunity and started doing this in addition to the packaging of products.

Pallets monta


Demand shifted from B2B to B2C fulfilment. Fulfillment requests from various webshops were bundled, so that the cost price could be reduced. In 2012, the first fulfillment orders were processed. After that, growth accelerated enormously. In the years that followed, a lot of extra branches were added at various locations. The choice to work in a decentralized way appears to be a success; as a result, we remain in direct contact with the customer and the service remains personal.

Fulfilment man doos magazijn


Since 2021 we sell our self-developed software. We have been using this software for a long time in our own warehouses to arrange the fulfillment for our customers. By working with many developers, large investments in software and hardware and more than 20 years of experience in this field, more and more webshops asked us whether they could use our software within their own warehouses. And so we have been selling this software since 2021; MontaWMS for the large webshops and MontaConnect for the smaller ones.

Software monta WMS


As of January 1, 2022, the name Montapacking has been changed to Monta. That has several reasons. First, Monta was already used frequently within the market. Another reason is that the company initially focused on packaging orders; ‘packing’. Right now, we’re doing so much more. We even develop hardware which we sell next to the software, making fulfillment processes as simple and fast as possible. Monta is now used as an all-encompassing name for the fulfillment branch and software packages.

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